Friday, July 20, 2012

Kashiwagi Yuki Solo Concert Setlist + Single Announcement

Kashiwagi Yuki performed her first ever solo concert on July 13th at Nakano Sun Plaza to 2000 lucky fans who won tickets through a lottery connected with her [Yu, Yu, Yukirin...] photobook. She performed a full set of songs, including those from AKB48, French Kiss, and other idol groups.

During the encore, it was announced that Yukirin would be releasing a solo single. No release date is yet set for this. After the announcement, Kuramochi Asuka and Takajo Aki joined her on stage to perform two songs as French Kiss, including their lastest single [Romance Privacy].

The full setlist of the concert is below, with the original artist in brackets.

01. Kakkowarui I Love You! (French Kiss)
02. Aru Aki no hi no Koto (French Kiss)
03. BINGO! (AKB48)
04. Sora mo Toberu Hazu (Spitz)
05. Chocotto LOVE (Pucchimoni)
06. Momoiro Kataomoi (Matsuura Aya)
07. Nagisa no Balcony (Matsuda Seiko)
08. Sekai no Namida (French Kiss)
09. Chinmoku (French Kiss/solo)
10. Rainy Day (French Kiss)
11. Kanzanbai (French Kiss/solo)
12. Yokaze no Shiwaza (AKB48/solo)
13. Flying Get (AKB48)
14. If (French Kiss)

15. Dragon Fruit no Tobegoro (French Kiss)

Performed with French Kiss:
16. Saisho no Mail (French Kiss)
17. Romance Privacy (French Kiss)

Yukirin played the piano during the performance of [Sekai no Namida].

The announcement of a solo single was a great birthday present to Yukirin, whose 21st birthday was only two days after this concert. Her solo songs with both AKB48 and French Kiss are always really lovely so I'm looking forward to this single and really pleased for her.

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