Tuesday, August 14, 2012

AKB48 4th Album [1830m] 1st Day Sales

AKB48's 4th Album [1830m] 1st day sales are in. The album managed to sell 625,401 to place number one on the Oricon daily album charts.

This sales figure beats the entire first weeks sales of AKB48's first original album [Koko ni Ita Koto], which managed to sell 601,985 in a week. That album sold 321,108 on the first day, so the new album's first day sales are almost double. It has been announced that over 1.5 million copes of [1830m] have been shipped, so the first week sales figure will be interesting.

The regular 2CD+DVD version of this album contains a ticket to vote for a PV to be made for a song. The three winning songs will have music videos made for them to be included in the December single. Meanwhile, the theatre edition of this album contains handshake tickets where you also have the chance to win a 2-shot photo of yourself and the member you have a ticket to.

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