Friday, August 24, 2012

AKB48 TOKYO DOME Concert Team Shuffles

During the first day of AKB48's 3 day concert at Tokyo Dome, it was suddenly announced that the Teams of AKB48 will have their members shuffled. Team 4 will be abolished and AKB48 will return to its 3 Team system, but with more members in each Team.

This is the second time AKB48 has got it's Teams shuffled, the first was in August 2009 during AKB48's Budokan Concert.

Among the shuffle announcements, Team A's Captain Takahashi Minami was appointed as AKB48's General Manager. She will still be a member of Team A, but Shinoda Mariko will take over her duties as Captain. Oshima Yuko and Umeda Ayaka will also be replacing the Captains of Team K and Team B respectively.

But the shuffles were not limited to just within AKB48Takajo Aki and Nakagawa Haruka have been transfered out toJKT48Miyazawa Sae and Suzuki Mariya to SNH48Ota Aika was also transferred permanently to HKT48, the five of them will no longer be part of AKB48Kitahara Rie and Yokoyama Yui have also been appointed as dual members, and will participate in both AKB48 and SKE48/NMB48 activities.

Even though each Team is overloaded and has 22/23 members currently, they will still perform with 16 members for Stage performances in the Theater.

The full shuffle list below

AKB48 General Manager:
Takahashi Minami

New Team A
Captain: Shinoda Mariko
Takahashi Minami (ex Captain of Team A)
Kasai Tomomi (ex Team B)
Sato Sumire (ex Team B)
Sato Natsuki (ex Team B)
Watanabe Mayu (ex Team B)
Kikuchi Ayaka (ex Team K)
Nito Moeno (ex Team K)
Nakatsuka Tomomi (ex Team K)
Matsui Sakiko (ex Team K)
Yokoyama Yui (ex Team K) [Also a member of NMB48]
Iriyama Anna (ex Team 4)
Iwata Karen (ex Team 4)
Kawaei Rina (ex Team 4)
Nakamata Shiori (ex Team 4)
Takahashi Juri (ex Team 4)
Tano Yuka (ex Team 4)
Izuta Rina (Formerly w/o team)
Kobayashi Marina (Formerly w/o team)
Morikawa Ayaka (Formerly w/o team)
Oshima Ryouka (Promoted)
Kotani Riho [Also a member of NMB48]

New Team K
Captain: Oshima Yuko
Akimoto Sayaka (ex Captain of Team K)
Itano Tomomi (No change)
Uchida Mayumi (No change)
Matsui Jurina (No change) [Also a member of SKE48]
Kuramochi Asuka (ex Team A)
Maeda Ami (ex Team A)
Matsubara Natsumi (ex Team A)
Nakata Chisato (ex Team A)
Nakaya Sayaka (ex Team A)
Chikano Rina (ex Team B)
Kitahara Rie (ex Team B) [Also a member of SKE48]
Kobayashi Kana (ex Team B)
Masuda Yuka (ex Team B)
Miyazaki Miho (ex Team B)
Sato Amina (ex Team B)
Suzuki Shihori (ex Team B)
Abe Maria (ex Team 4)
Nagao Mariya (ex Team 4)
Shimada Haruka (ex Team 4)
Fujita Nana (Formerly w/o team)
Mitsumune Kaoru (Promoted)
Muto Tomu (Promoted)

New Team B
Captain: Umeda Ayaka (ex Team K)
Kashiwagi Yuki (ex Captain of Team B)
Ishida Haruka (No change)
Komori Mika (No change)
Watanabe Miyuki (No change) [Also a member of NMB48]
Oya Shizuka (ex Team A)
Iwasa Misaki (ex Team A)
Katayama Haruka (ex Team A)
Kojima Haruna (ex Team A)
Fujie Reina (ex Team K)
Minegishi Minami (ex Team K)
Nonaka Misato (ex Team K)
Tanabe Miku (ex Team K)
Ichikawa Miori (ex Team 4)
Kato Rena (ex Team 4)
Nakamura Mariko (ex Team 4)
Oba Mina (ex Captain of Team 4)
Shimazaki Haruka (ex Team 4)
Takeuchi Miyu (ex Team 4)
Yamauchi Suzuran (ex Team 4)
Kojima Natsuki (Formerly w/o team)
Natori Wakana (Formerly w/o team)
Ishida Anna [Also a member of SKE48]

Kitahara Rie [Also a member of AKB48]

Yokoyama Yui [Also a member of AKB48]

Ota Aika (ex Team A)

Takajo Aki (ex Team A)
Nakagawa Haruka (ex Team A)

Miyazawa Sae (ex Team K)
Suzuki Mariya (ex Team B)


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